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When a marriage ends, it can be both financially and emotionally devastating. At Saucedo Law Group in California, I seek to ease the stress of the divorce process by providing sound and compassionate legal counsel that protects clients’ rights and interests. My Calabasas-based law firm represents people throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and surrounding counties in areas involving the dissolution of marriage, such as child custody and visitation and child support. No matter what family legal issues you are faced with, I will work hard toward bringing you the most satisfactory solution possible.

Proficient legal practice protects interests of divorcing spouses

California is a no-fault divorce state so you don’t have to show or prove that your spouse did something wrong in order to end the marriage. Divorce is typically based on irreconcilable differences, which basically means that the marriage is beyond repair. Here are some other divorce basics:

  • To file for divorce in California, at least one spouse must have been a state resident for 180 days or six months.
  • After filing, there is a six month waiting period before a divorce can be finalized. Contested divorces, in which spouses don’t agree on details of the divorce, can take much longer.
  • California is a community property state, so all income, property and debts acquired during the marriage are divided equally upon divorce unless there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement defining the spouses’ rights to certain assets.

Even when divorcing couples start out on good terms, conflicts can arise when decisions must be made about asset and debt division, children’s issues and other things. My experienced family law firm will advise you of your rights and work diligently to protect your interests.

Committed counselor aids in child custody and visitation matters

Courts consider the child’s best interests in custody cases. A variety of things will be taken into account such as the child’s safety and well-being, the stability of the home environment and even the child’s own preference, as examples. Either parent may be awarded custody or custody may be shared. If you are undergoing a divorce and have children, I will argue for the best custody or visitation arrangement for your situation and goals.

Empathetic attorney advocates for clients in child support cases

Even following a divorce, both parents are required to support their children. The non-custodial parent typically pays child support, which is paid until the child turns 18, or until age 19 if the child is still in high school.  Child support is calculated based on guidelines that include consideration of the parents’ incomes, the time each parent spends with the child and available tax deductions. The support order can be enforced through the courts and a non-paying parent’s wages may be garnished. Initial child support orders can also be modified if the circumstances of one or both of the parents’ changes. If you are seeking child support, need payment enforced or want an order modified, my family law firm can help.  

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Saucedo Law Group in Calabasas assists California clients in Los Angeles, Ventura and surrounding counties who are experiencing divorce and related family law issues. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 818-918-6166 or contact me online.

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