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State and federal laws guarantee workers certain levels of pay as well as compensation for overtime. When employers don’t adhere to these laws, Saucedo Law Group in Calabasas investigates violations and works toward getting positive outcomes for employees. My law firm aids clients throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and surrounding counties who did not get the overtime they were due, whose wages were wrongfully withheld or who were subjected to other wage and hour law violations.

Effective law firm safeguards employees’ rights to fair wages

Wage and hour laws regulate things such as minimum wage, overtime pay and meal and rest breaks. Employer violations of wage and hour laws can occur simply because an employer doesn’t understand the laws. In other cases, violations are intentional. If you believe you have a claim against your employer, I will review your case and advise you of your rights. My law firm has in-depth understanding of federal and state wage and hour laws.

Experienced counselor stands up for workers in minimum wage violations

The California minimum wage is currently $12 to $13 dollars per hour, depending on the size of the employer. It will increase to $15 for all minimum wage employees by 2023. The federal minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour. Whenever state and federal wage and hour laws conflict, employers must follow the law that is most beneficial to employees. If you are not receiving the state minimum wage for your work, I will investigate your employment information, including your pay statements and other appropriate information, and counsel you about potentially bringing a legal claim if you are owed money.   

Diligent lawyer helps employees with overtime and other unpaid wage claims

If you aren’t receiving overtime that you believe you are due, you may be able to pursue a wage claim. Here are some other examples of situations in which an employee might have an unpaid wages claim:

  • When they aren’t paid for lawful breaks or aren’t allowed to take breaks
  • When unused vacation time is not paid upon leaving a company
  • When management forces an employee to share tips with them; managers are not entitled to any of a worker’s tips

Wage and hours laws are very complex and every situation is different. My firm will examine your unique case to discover what laws may have been violated.

Statute of limitations for wage and hour lawsuits in California

The state has time limits for filing claims related to wage and hour violations. The limit is three years for issues with overtime pay, payment of minimum wage, withholding of meal and rest breaks and other rights granted to you under the law. If you have a written or oral contractual agreement to be paid a specific wage and you aren’t getting it, the statute is four years for written contracts and two years for oral contracts. My employment law firm can advise you of your options if you are at or near the filing deadline.

Contact a reputable California wage and hour law counselor for answers to your questions

The skilled attorney at Saucedo Law Group in Calabasas helps California workers who have been denied fair wages file complaints against employers in Los Angeles, Ventura and surrounding counties. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 818-918-6166 or contact me online.

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